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Charter School Payment Options

A.C.E. accepts private payment or funds from charter schools.


A.C.E. accepts private payment and is a vendor for:


Yosemite Valley Charter

Monarch River Academy


If your charter is not listed please let us know and we are happy to become a vendor for them.


Most of the local homeschool charters offer various options for their students including funding for curriculum, supplies, classes and programs such as A.C.E. 



Inspire Charter School offers a special deals for students who plan to attend A.C.E. all school year as one of their preferred vendors.




Join Inspire Preferred Vendor!


Students enrolled in Inspire may choose A.C.E. as a preferred vendor which includes 2 days of core and elective enrichment, sports and recreation all school year plus still receive in $500 funds for additional curriculum, supplies, technology, or other classes and 2 online subscriptions.

Students enrolled in Inspire's Choice Plus program can choose our 1 day program which includes a full day of core enrichment as a vendor option with Academy of Creative Education. 

Field trips and special events are included for 2 day students and offered for 1 day students. 


Please Contact Tamika Thomas, A.C.E. director, to learn more. 



o    Enrollment Begins on August 15th, 2021


Second semester enrollment allowed if space is available.  Tuition prorated determined by enrollment date.  

Fees apply to semester enrollment.


Registration/Enrollment Fee:  (per family)

o    $50    (Paid by PayPal to Not covered by Charter Funds)


Class size limited.  Students placed on waiting list when space is unavailable.  Enrollment form/fees must be submitted to secure spot on waiting list.



1 Day Program: $150 Monthly/or $450/per semester (receive one month free) with the choice plus vendor  program with Inspire

2 Day Program: $300 Monthly if enrolled individually and if enrolled in our preferred vendor package program with Inspire everything is included and families received $500 in funds and 5 online subscriptions.

Sports & Rec Only: Cost depends on which Sports or Recreation session signing up for.   

4H Classes are individually priced




Additional Fees

 Additional fees may be required for field trips, sports, or special activities. Prior notice will be given.



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