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ACE Covid Guidelines

ACE's Coronavirus Policy

For Fall Term, we have in person learning resume. All masking policies apply to instructors, students, and staff, regardless of vaccination status. Indoor classes will be masked. When students are outdoors classes do not require masks. All students should be prepared to mask up if they need to enter the building, where the restrooms are located.

We understand that there are a variety of perspectives on masking and Covid response options and that there are people who are disappointed that masks are required and those who are disappointed that we don't have stricter masking requirements. We have tried to provide some variety in offerings, but if you have specific requirements for your Covid responses, then this term may not be the appropriate time for you to sign up for classes. Even the posted guidelines may need to change if the situation changes. ACE will comply with the requirements of our venues and with local health recommendations.

Response To A Case of COVID-19 Within ACE

  • As always, it is important to keep a sick child home. If a child gets sick while at ACE, you will be asked to come pick them up.

  • We request that anyone who has a confirmed case of Covid inform us as quickly as possible so that we can take appropriate action. ACE’s director will not share the identity of the sick people without permission, but hope families will share information with us so we can identify those who have been exposed and take appropriate precautions.

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